Heart Failure (HF) is defined by the European Society of Cardiology as a clinical syndrome characterised by symptoms such as breathlessness, ankle swelling and fatigue that may be accompanied by signs such as elevated jugular venous pressure, pulmonary crackles and peripheral oedema. HF is caused by a structural and/or functional cardiac abnormality, and results in a reduced cardiac output and...Show more

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Reporting of side effects
Adverse events (side effects) can be reported via the HPRA. Reporting forms and information can be found at https://www.hpra.ie/homepage/about-us/report-an-issue. Adverse events could also be reported to Novartis preferably via www.report.novartis.com or by email: [email protected] or by calling (01) 2080 612. For information on any of our medicinal products please contact Medical Information on (01) 260 1255.


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