Prescribing Information

We have developed a suite of patient resources designed to support your patients on their treatment with Aimovig. These support tools include:


1. www.aimoassist.ie (password for entry required: “aimovig” - all lower case)

This is a patient focused website providing useful information for patients starting treatment with Aimovig, including an injection training video, instructions for use, support tools, and hints and tips for managing treatment with Aimovig.

2. Aimovig & Me

Aimovig & Me is an online service that helps you and your patients track their Aimovig treatment. Patients register and complete a monthly migraine assessment questionnaire, the results of which are securely shared with you in real time. Both you and your patients have access to a personalised dashboard that displays your patient’s response to treatment and allows you to remotely monitor their progress on treatment.

3. Aimovig Nurse Support Programme

This is a free programme designed to provide education and support to patients throughout their Aimovig® treatment experience should they require it. Once patients register for the programme, the Aimovig® Support Nurse will contact them and will be on hand to provide personalised support for their Aimovig® treatment. Home visits with the Aimovig® Novartis Nurse can be arranged should your patients require it.

4. Aimovig Sharps Container Service

The Aimovig® Sharps Container Service provides a sharps container delivery and collection service to Aimovig patients. The service is provided to patients free of charge by Point of Care Health Services on behalf of Novartis, the manufacturers of Aimovig®.

5. Migraine Buddy

Migraine Buddy* is a digital migraine diary app that your patients can download free of charge on a mobile phone or tablet. It offers an intuitive interface with an easy-to-use questionnaire to track and manage migraine attacks. It is available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store.

6. www.dontforget.ie

www.dontforget.ie is a free medication reminder service. Patients can sign up to have a text sent directly to their phone every 4 weeks to remind them to take their Aimovig medication. Patients can register for this free service via www.dontforget.ie.

*Novartis is a preferred partner of Healint Pte, which independently developed, owns and operates Migraine Buddy.

IE 154241 September 2021

Reporting of side effects
Adverse events (side effects) can be reported via the HPRA. Reporting forms and information can be found at https://www.hpra.ie/homepage/about-us/report-an-issue. Adverse events could also be reported to Novartis preferably via www.report.novartis.com or by email: [email protected] or by calling (01) 2080 612. For information on any of our medicinal products please contact Medical Information on (01) 260 1255.


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